Gomphus pulchellus Updated 2009

UK: Western Clubtail
DE: Westliche Keiljungfer
FR: Gomphe joli
NL: Plasrombout

The following picture shows a typical lake where G. pulchellus is present in large numbers. The same lake also holds a large number of A. mixta.

Gomphus pulchellus - Female

Gomphus pulchellus - Just emerged female

Gomphus pulchellus - Male


Gomphus pulchellus - Just emerged male

Gomphus pulchellus - exuvia

Gomphus vulgatissimus Updated 2009

UK: Club-tailed Dragonfly
DE: Gemeine Keiljungfer
FR: Gomphus trs commun
NL: Beekrombout
This is a common dragonfly species that can be spotted frequently nearby large rivers like the Donau and the river Rhine. Pictures shown here were taken in Vienna Austria and the Rheinaue, Germany.  

Gomphus vulgatissimus - Female

Gomphus vulgatissimus - Male

Sometimes the observer becomes the observed :-)

Ophiogomphus cecilia

UK: Green Club-tailed Dragonfly
DE: Grne Flussjungfer
FR: Gomphe serpentin
NL: Gaffellibel

Ophiogomphus cecilia - Female

I had a great time shooting this series, perfect weather conditions, right time of day, love the final results. Did not manage to find this dragonfly species again during the past few years so that makes it even more special. One of the key identification marks of this species is the small yellow crown shaped feature on the top of her head.  

Onychogomphus forcipatus

UK: Green-eyed Hooktail
DE: Die Kleine Zangenlibelle
FR: Gomphus pinces
NL: Kleine tanglibel
O. forcipatus is one of my personal favorites, the hook looks fearsome even more when it casts a shadow. This could be a being from outer space :-) I encounter O. forcipatus from time to time but always only one individual never a group or a female, just one. The rivers preferred by O. forcipatus must be clear and slow flowing. They prefer perching rocks and are not easily startled.
On the occasions I encountered O. forcipatus, it shared its biotope with C. boltonii,  O. brunneum (same river system) and S. danae/L. depressa (where the river ended in a lake). 

Onychogomphus forcipatus - Female   New 2010

Onychogomphus forcipatus - Male