Cordulia aenea

UK: Downy Emerald
DE: Falkenlibelle
FR: Cordulie bronzée
NL: Smaragdlibel

All pictures were taken on May 5th, at the very beginning of the dragonfly season. I have noticed before that this particular dragonfly species, together with B. pratense start off the dragonfly season in Germany each year. The C. aenea images were taken in Eastern Germany.

Several C. aenea emerged at one time over distance of about 10 meters and the weather was just perfect. Once a C. aenea dragonfly emerges its colour is completely light green. Within a time span of 20 to 30 minutes the C. aenea takes on its mirror like shiny emerald green colouration. The difference is just striking.

There were two C. aenea that had problems that I have also observed with Gomphus pulchellus dragonflies. The problem is that their compound eyes get stuck in the exuviae somehow and the dragonfly dies as a result.        

Cordulia aenea - Female


Cordulia aenea - Male   Updated 2012

Cordulia aenea - Male Exuviae

Epitheca bimaculata

UK: Eurasian Baskettail
DE: Zweifleck
FR: Epithèque bimaculée
NL: Tweevlek

Epitheca bimaculata - Female

Saved this E. bimaculata from the rain and wind gusts on May 10th 2004. The typical summer in Europe appears to become a returning problem for many Odonata, fast changing weather conditions and rapid changes in temperature, hard wind gusts and long periods of rain all impact the survival of Odonata. It brings the sad result of climate change to your doorstep.


Somatochlora flavomaculata

UK: Yellow spotted Emerald
DE: Gefleckte Smaragdlibelle
FR: Cordulie à taches jaunes
NL: Gevlekte glanslibel

Patience: Waiting for a S. flavomaculata to perch somewhere so you can take a picture :-) 

I am not certain if you can tell, but the dragonfly shown in the first three pictures actually misses its left hind wing.

Somatochlora flavomaculata - Male

Somatochlora metallica

UK: Brilliant Emerald
DE: Glänzende Smaragdlibelle
FR: Cordulie métallique
NL: Metaalglanslibel
One of my favorite locations in the Black Forrest Germany.

The S. metallica will fly up and down the lakeshore for hours an end. I was glad to be able to photograph both the male and female S. metallica.

Somatochlora metallica - Female

Somatochlora metallica - Male