Cordulegaster boltonii Updated 2008

UK: Golden ringed dragonfly
DE: Zweigestreifte Queljungfer
FR: Cordulégastre annelé
NL: Gewone bronlibel
Cordulegaster dragonflies are the largest dragonflies in Europe. These pictures where taken in the Black Forrest Germany where I have been able to observe this C. boltonii population several years in a row. They have an elegant flight, flying in long straight lines with infrequent movement of their wings. The pictures shown below were all taken during two sessions in 2003. The C. boltonii males returned to the same branch after each flight all I had to do is sit and wait for them to return. Other dragonflies that were in the same area: Onychogomphus forcipatus, Sympetrum danae, Libellula quadrimaculata and Libellula depressa.

Cordulegaster boltonii - Male

Typical identification mark for c. boltonii, as compared to the other Cordulegastridae dragonflies, is the small stripe on the frons.